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The Living Room Project


The Living Room Project is an accessible healing justice practice/community space for queer and trans people of color (qtpoc). Through resource sharing, and collaborative efforts, the space provides opportunities for creative expression, collective healing, and community building. Ultimately the Living Room Project hopes to inspire deeper relationship, interdependence, and care amongst qtpoc communities.

The space was founded by micah hobbes frazier aka “dj trinity”, a somatic doula/healer, trainer, and dj committed to using his magic to break the cycles of trauma and violence in our communities. Micah began dreaming of the Living Room Project after leaving the Oakland Noodle Factory, a legendary warehouse community where qtpoc organized, lived, worked, played, loved, healed, and laughed.

The Living Room Project Offers *:

  • practice space for healers/practitioners/coaches
  • community event and workshop space
  • healing/wellness days
  • community events
  • classes and workshops
* The Living Room Project is committed to being an accessible space for our communities.

ReCLAIM Healers Collective

Reclaim Healers Collective


ReCLAIM Healers Collective is a sustainable model for preserving and promoting personal and collective well-being, health, and healing traditions.

Through the preservation, teaching, and practicing of our traditions we actively seek to educate others and ourselves on ways to sustainably, holistically and realistically provide full physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care to our communities and ourselves.

We support collective members and sister organizations in acquiring, maintaining, and preserving knowledge of our sacred healing traditions, as well as sharing skills, practicing our traditional healing ways, and implementing projects aimed at providing health care and healing for all people.

ReCLAIM Health Collective invites all healers to come forth from the margins of medicine to the center, as we RECLAIM our wisdom and power as healers of ourselves, our nations, and the Earth.

ReCLAIM stands for Resist Colonial Legacy And Its Impact on Medicine.

Other Healers

Want to add your link to this list? Send an email to wildseedwellness@gmail.com with your contact information, what services you provide and what populations you serve.