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Why Focus on Queer and Trans People of Color?

Wild Seed Wellness' intake form poses the question: “Consider that there are three kinds of stress – acute, episodic and chronic – which can negatively impact your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. How are your identities linked to stress and your wellbeing?”

Taijhet Nyobi has definitely begun processing these connections and said, “Uncomplimentary and/or incongruent realities, ideas, or perceptions of my physical body affect the way I walk, literally, in the world. I have had to become aware of my slouching to appear more masculine. Slouching makes my chest less visible. This, along with binding, has caused serious tension in my neck, shoulders, and lower back.” There are very real and direct connections of how we are perceived and treated to how we carry ourselves and what physical pains we feel.

They continue, “As a gender-nonconforming person of color there are few places where this is celebrated and validated. Confidence is a struggle and feelings of isolation are frequent. Institutions that are beneficial to healthy lifestyles are often avoided, specifically Medical Institutions because of [their] lack of awareness.” This is essentially what Ana explained to her mother when she asked if she was limiting her business. There are a lot of us.

Wild Seed Wellness Herstory

Wild Seed Wellness was founded in Oakland, California in 2011 by Ana María Agüero Jahannes, C.M.T. to address the need for affordable and specialized massage therapy for queer and trans people of color.

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